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Make Your Dissertation Stand out by Hiring Statistician help for Dissertation

statistician help for dissertation

Are you looking for statistician help for dissertation or DNP project? Then you are at the right place. At we have a highly trained statistical consultant to attend to your request. This will save you a lot of dollars and time. Talk to us now and get expert statistics help online.

Getting statistical consultation is critical in your dissertation writing journey. Since statistical tools are necessary in formulation of research methodology and data analysis and ensuring reliability and validity of study. Whether you are writing DNP project, clinical trials, MBA dissertation, engineering dissertation or social science dissertation, you will need to hire a statistician for dissertation to assist you in design of survey or experiment, writing the methodology and data analysis.

So, why is statistician help for dissertation so critical? Statistics involves collecting and analyzing raw data to make useful information to solve real life phenomena. Therefore, a statistician formulates and develops mathematical and statistical models necessary in summarizing and analyzing data. It is imperative to hire dissertation statistics consultant as you begin to write your dissertation so as to assist you plan on best data collection methods based on your research questions or hypothesis.

Why Hire a Statistician for Dissertation Writing

Hiring a qualified and trained statistician in your quantitative dissertation writing process has many benefits. Unfortunately most students ignore getting statistics help for dissertation opting to inquire from their peers, which ends up being a tedious process. As a result, such quantitative studies lack integrity and validity. A dissertation statistician has expertise in measurement and sampling techniques, data management, statistical analysis and modeling and interpretation of results. This technical expertise is vital in ensuring that the data collected is valid and unbiased; statistical analysis techniques are appropriate and interpretation of statistical output is correct.

Are you struggling with research methodology that includes study design and data analysis? Then you are a potential candidate for our dissertation statistical analysis service.  Most students who come to us for statistician help for dissertation are assisted in the following ways:

  • Our dissertation statistics consultant assist students design a study; determine sample size to include in a study and how to compare different groups. In this case a student has already established hypothesis and/or research aims and objectives for the study
  • Since different types of data require different statistical analysis methods. Hiring a statistician for dissertation will make your work easier more so when you lack in-depth knowledge and skill in data analysis.
  • Sometimes a planned study may take unexpected turn. It is important to consult a statistician help for dissertation to advice on appropriate actions and remedies.
  • Large data sets are intimidating, thus the need to seek dissertation statistics consulting from an expert who can rummage through voluminous data and arrive at specific answer.
  • It is important to get an expert opinion even when handling familiar studies. Our statisticians may propose latest study designs and data analysis methods thus making your study professional.
  • Upon completing data analysis phase, always seek dissertation statistics help for interpretation of statistical results and output.  A professional dissertation statistics consultant will evaluate study design and analysis to establish if it was appropriate for the study aims and objectives.
  • Results and findings chapter presents statistical results in pictorial representations such as charts, tables, graphs and heat maps. Always engage a dissertation statistician for guidance on how to craft your findings chapter, more so when preparing technical reports.

When to Seek Statistician Help for Dissertation

At what stage should you hire dissertation statistical consultant? This is a question that many students writing quantitative dissertations, DNP capstone projects and MBA thesis grapple with. Though, it depends on a number of factors such as time, budget of a student and availability of statistical consultant. We normally advise students to hire a statistician for dissertation prior to collecting data.

Why hire Dissertation Statistical Consultant prior to data collection

It is most effective to work with an expert statistician help for dissertation from the conceptualization of the topic. It is a double blessing if the statistician is knowledgeable in your study area as he will refine and focus the research to the tailored aim. Benefits of involving a statistician prior to data collection cannot be overemphasized. 

  • First, our dissertation statistical consultant reviews and verifies the planned research procedures and study size will be adequate to achieve the aims of the research.
  • Secondly, our dissertation statistician will provide sample size justification on whether to collect data on large sample size or smaller sample size. It will ensure efficient use of resources and time.
  • Thirdly, a professional statistician plays a key role in design by offering invaluable advice on randomization and blinding, combinations of interventions etc.
  • Fourth, most often students overlook the need to develop robust data management systems. Our statistician help for dissertation lays emphasis on data confidentiality, integrity and security. Nowadays data collection through surveys is done via popular platforms such as survey monkey and qualtrics. Our dissertation statistician will assist with survey design and development, sampling and data management.

It is evident that involving a dissertation statistical consultant prior to data collection saves time and ensures efficiency and effective use of resources available.

Why hire Dissertation Statistical Consultant after data collection

Though it is best to hire a statistician for dissertation before collecting data, some students due to time and budget constraints seek dissertation statistical consultant after collecting the data. At this stage, we advise students to provide the statistician with clear research questions, description of the study design and

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