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Biology is the study of living organisms. It is an amalgam of complex and not-so-complex concepts, ideas, and theories. And there’s always an experiment to perform. What was the experiment about?

Maybe you were analyzing enzymes using Tyrosinase. Or you investigated proteins. Perhaps you studied heart rate using the Hand-grip Heart Rate Monitor. Or did you use a CO2 gas sensor to investigate cell respiration?

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How to Write a Biology Lab Report

Is this your first time to write a biology lab report? If yes, don’t worry. Read through this page as our expert biology lab report writer provides a detailed guide on how to write a good lab report on biology. The purpose of biology lab reports is to analyze biology lab experiments using empirical methods and present findings and recommendations in a simplified format.

Now that you successfully completed biology practical, so the next step is writing a laboratory report. It might look daunting if you lack sound knowledge on how to write a biology lab report. However, if you have ever read any scientific lab report you need not worry. Just like any scientific lab report, biology lab report follow specific format and writing guidelines.

A good biology lab report should be 5-10 pages long. The report is divided into eight sections: title, abstract, introduction, methods and materials, results, discussion, conclusion, and references. These sections answer the following questions:

  • What is the problem?
  • What procedure was followed to solve the problem?
  • What was found out?
  • What did it the findings mean?

Writing a biology lab report won’t likely be a breeze. But it’s not rocket science either. You can do it. Follow these 7 steps and you’ll end up with a biology lab report that packs a massive punch.

Step 1: Write the Introduction

We’ve given this advice more than a million times. But we’ll still repeat it here: write an introduction that grabs attention. The problem is that writing a gripping introduction isn’t easy.

But there are a few tricks you can employ to make your intro captivating. Find a statistic that quickly catches attention, for instance. There’s something about numbers that cause people to want to look at something a little more closely.

Or, your sentence can start with a statement that contradicts a baseless truth people have always believed. Another approach might be to use a thought-provoking question at the beginning of the introductory paragraph. Writing the introduction section can seem easy. But in case it is not straightforward as it looks there is no harm asking for biology lab report help with designing the introduction.

What Information Do I include in the Introduction?

First, describe the problem under investigation. Second, explain the problem’s significance. Third, write your hypothesis. Your hypothesis needs to be a clear, testable statement. In other words, it should be something you can investigate in a biology lab. Use short, clear, complete sentences.

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Step 2: Succinctly State the Problem

At this point, write a clear statement of the problem you investigated. Write down the question your experiment sought to answer.

Present adequate background information to help the reader understand what informed your experiment. Mention a couple studies whose findings have relevance to your study. The goal here is to describe the context from which your experiment arises.

You should demonstrate that the experiment you performed was a worthwhile activity — that it serves a clear purpose. But do you need biology lab report help with this part? Say to a proven consultant, “I need someone to write my biology lab report.”

Step 3: Describe the Hypothesis of Your Biology Experiment

A well-crafted hypothesis contains a prediction of what the study might find. State what you expect to happen. Aside from predicting the outcome of your experiment, explain it. Your explanation for the prediction shouldn’t be a question, though. And as mentioned earlier, your prediction should be testable.

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Step 4: What Materials Did You Use?

Tell the reader about the materials you used to carry out your biology lab experiment. You can use a paragraph to describe all the items you used for the activity. But that’s not the only approach. You can also make a list of the materials you used. Write down the names of the items as well as their quantities.

In addition, you must identify every material as either an independent, dependent, standardized variable. You also should identify the variables that serve as controls for your experiment.

The “Materials” section should be the easiest to write. That’s because you know the names and quantities of the items you used. But does that imply you shouldn’t use quality biology lab report help? No. Nothing and no one prevents you from paying an expert to write your biology lab report.

Step 5: Describe the Procedure You Executed

Tell the reader what you did. Craft a paragraph that details the exact steps that led to the results you obtained. Be specific. Don’t say you used salty water, for example. That’s vague. And scientific disciplines such as biology greatly value precision and exactness. Tell the reader how you heated the water. Also, indicate the temperature it was at when you stopped heating it.

If you used an acidic solution, state how you prepared the solution and the specific quantities involved.

Write clearly for the benefit of anyone who might want to repeat that experiment in the future. Need some biology lab report help at this point? Our biology lab report writers can help. All you’ve got do is admit you need help with writing a biology lab report. Then, contact us.

Step 6:Write Up the Results

Describe your observations and results. Use visual aids such as tables, charts, and graphs to communicate your findings. You can decide to include some of the data in an appendix especially if you have lots of figures, tables, and graphs.

Include every result. And that includes those findings at odds with your hypothesis. Also, compare your results with those from similar biology lab experiments conducted by others.

Step 7: Complete the Discussion and Conclusion(s) Section

You can combine these two sections. Or you can present them separately. Your instructor likely gave you a format to follow. If they said separate these two parts, do that.

But whether the parts appear together or separately, each section carries different information.


The discussion part analyzes your biology lab experiment’s results. It provides possible explanations for the results you obtained. Also, it discusses experimental errors. What errors were these? Did these experimental errors impact your results?

Also, provide a summary of your findings. Include averages from trials, the highest reading, and the lowest reading. Summarizing your results eliminates the need to keep going back to the results section. Doing that also makes it easier to demonstrate why you made the conclusion(s) you did.

Finally, tell the reader whether you accept or reject the hypothesis. Give reasons for your decision. Note: it’s your data — not you — that decides whether the hypothesis gets accepted or not. Remember, there is no right or wrong answer. It depends on the facts and arguments advanced. In case, it sounds too complicated it is advisable to seek second opinion. You will greatly benefit from our biology lab report help with the discussion section? Our lab report writers will assist you analyze data and draw meaningful discussion from the findings.


The conclusion of your biology lab report should be a brief paragraph. Start by restating your hypothesis and research question. Then, state the most important findings and the conclusion(s) they support.

Also, remind the reader whether you accepted or rejected the hypothesis. And summarize the reasons for your decision. Finally, provide recommendations for improving the experiment in the future.

Writing a biology lab report isn’t that challenging. You can handle the task with ease. But if you are unsure it is better to seek biology lab report help from a reputable lab report writing service.

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