GIS Research Proposal Topics

Geographic information systems have become quite common and have gained popularity thanks to their extensive practicability and application to solve real-life problems. As a student, you will be required, before the end of your time in school, to undertake a GIS research proposal and truth be told, it is not a walk in the park, otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. Undertaking such research calls for more than just effort in research but it also needs you to be practical, precise and most importantly tailor your project to yourself. Browsing through the internet for GIS research proposal topics might lead you to a wild goose chase and this will end with you having tones of topics, and having not settled on any and even lesser time to complete your project. Let me save some of your time and jump right into and give you an array of topics that you can choose from to have the best GIS project of all


  • Hydrological simulation model of river discharge analysis
  • Overlaying LiDAR Data with Transmission to See Where and How Much Vegetation Is Encroaching
  • Classification of soil salinity and its impact on wheat crops.
  • An integrated GIS application system for soil marsh data assimilation


  • Using GIS to help maximize Government Income and Solve Taxation Problems
  • Data processing for mineralization exploration
  • Saving Money by Investing in A GIS-Based System for Decision Making


  • Prediction and estimation of sea-level rise
  • Short Range and Medium Range Forecast for Local Severe Weather Conditions Using GIS to Map Air Pollution Sources and Impacts On Environment and People.
  • Using GIS to Examine the Movement of Groundwater Flow-Through Coarse Materials Like Sand
  • Change in forest cover
  • Invasive species management using GIS
  • Future application of GML software in GIS
  • Soil erosion and sediment delivery
  • Using GIS to study Crime Clusters and Safety in Underground Stations.

Disaster Management

  • Using GIS to study Fire Disaster Vulnerability.
  • The Use of GIS for the Application of the Phenomenological Approach to the Seismic Risk Analysis.
  • Earthquake Disaster Prediction System


  • Using GIS for Developing Sustainable Urban Growth.
  • Multi-Hazard Assessment Using GIS in The Urban Areas.
  • Worldwide linguistic mapping
  • Integrating Urban Development Visions with GIS Such as Smart Urban Planning, Smart Utilities, Smart Transportation, Smart Public Works and Citizen Engagement
  • Using GIS to Track Low and Moderate-Income Housing
  • Using GIS to plan maximum urban housing and settlement
  • Planning and community development


  • Simulating the East African Wildebeest Migration Patterns for The Serengeti–Mara Ecosystem in East Africa.
  • Sensitivity of Wildlife Habitat Models to Uncertainties in GIS Data
  • Habitat modelling of animals
  • Gis in conservation planning
  • GIS Applications to Wilderness Management: Potential Uses and Limitations
  • Drought and wildlife management
  • Landscape Ecological Analysis of a National Park using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System

Health Care

  • Tracking Disease and Epidemiological Information in A Spatial Database
  • Using GIS to Study the Spatial Variation of Diseases
  • Optimization of Health Care Facilities Using GIS
  • Tracking public health and outbreaks using GIS


  • Modelling urban sprawl in modern cities using cellular automata
  • City planning proposal
  • Evaluating emergency and medical services
  • Natural disaster planning
  • Security Attack Detection Algorithm for Electric Power GIS System Based On Mobile Application
  • Simulating Military and Training in a 3D Environment Using GIS data

Thanks to this classification, you can put it all into context and get yourself a friendly, relevant, valid and doable GIS proposal topic for your project. These topics have come highly recommended as they are factually backed and allow an array of thought. They also have practicability, not only theoretically but also practically. Through the interaction with your project, you will get to learn a lot and the more you indulge in it, you get more insight and could use your findings to catapult you in your career as well.
With all this in mind, I believe that you are well equipped to take your paper head-on and get the best out of it, after all, you should get the best out of everything.

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