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DNP is the peak of nursing education since there is no higher level of training for nursing practice. DNP graduates are in high demand due to their nursing expertise focused on healthcare delivery, healthcare policy implementation and organizational leadership. You mostly find DNPs working in leadership roles or direct patient care delivery. Before being admitted at any DNP training program such as John Hopkins School of Nursing you will be required to submit DNP admission essay.  Here you will need to engage DNP admission essay help service that can create a strong doctoral admission essay for you.

DNP admission essay help

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A career progression is more probable than a career change and in nursing, a DNP degree allows expert nurses to specialize in their specific areas and get to practice as nurse practitioners by the end of the course. To be able to qualify for a spot in the institutions that offer the course, you are required to meet certain specifications such as having completed your Masters of Science in Nursing, MSN, or a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, BSN after which you are required to make an application via a DNP admission essay.

A job application is hard enough and formulation of the perfect CV is quite the uphill task, however, an admission application is equally as challenging to most people, but, I am here with all you need to know and do to secure a slot in your dream institution, we can both agree that the world needs more people like you. 

Without further ado let’s get rolling as we crack the code as I give you the DNP admission essay help guide. I will make this as easy and straightforward as possible and sum it all up in three bits. 

  1. The purpose of a DNP admission essay
  2. Tips to write a strong DNP admission essay
  3. Mistakes to avoid when writing a DNP admission essay

What is the purpose of a DNP admission essay?

A DNP admission essay is basically an application essay by a post-MSN or post- bachelorette nurse to a university’s admission board, clearly presenting their case as to why they are the best fit to be selected to widen their expertise base by majoring in their specialty in the university. It is quite a competitive process, which is aimed at getting only the best fit as per the universities standards and preferences.

This essay, as ‘routine’, as it may look, will be the reason why you either get selected or dropped to advance your specialty in the university. Institutions will normally make it known when they are having intakes and will give a list of requirements for one to qualify.

Is it child’s play? I don’t think it is, as a matter of fact, it is dreaded by most in the medical field. However, as we said, we are cracking the code to this today…. Moving on swiftly, let’s get a feel of what the dos and don’ts are as you prepare to put together your DNP admission essay.

Tips to write a DNP admission essay

The trick to being good at most things is getting the basics covered ad making things as simple as possible and this is no different here. It is those basics that seem obvious that will get you kicked out. First things first, remember this is a competitive process, which means that you need to prove why you are the best fit and the truth is, there are not usually as many slots as you would like. This is why you need to do these three things

 Make your essay easy to read

Getting your admission, essay right is not easy but there are certain things that just make it a little bit more probable that your essay is good enough. The very basic thing is making your essay easy to read. Well, historically, thousands of people apply for these slots and giving the admissions committee a hard time should not be on your agenda. Make your essay ‘an easy read’ and keep things interesting, get them to like you even before they meet you.

Be straightforward

This falls right into the scope of making your essay an easy read but is more specific. Unlike academic essays that we like to spice up with all we got, admission essays need a straightforward approach, which is quite clear and straightforward, this will keep the reader interested right to the last bit. You do not want to induce boredom…

Use simple sentences

Simple sentences enable you to be straightforward as well making your essay an essay read. The admission committee is not interested in flowery language, so avoid it.

Do’s and Don’t When Writing DNP Admission Essay

Follow the given guidelines

Every institution has its specific guidelines on how they like things done and admission of students is not exempt from this. Having identified the institution(s) you would want to be a part of, the next bit should be identifying the guidelines given on how the admission essay should be formatted as well as what matters to include in your essay. This means you cannot use one essay to make multiple applications, it needs to be tailored to the institution you are addressing.

Write a role-specific essay

As a practicing nurse, you need to have a clear picture of what you would want to major in, after all, that is why you are applying to be a nurse practitioner. In your application, you need to show that you are clear on what you want to pursue and major in. Make sure you do not leave grey areas in between. As a general rule of thumb, make sure the DNP admission essay is covers the following three key sections:

  • Describes goals of your doctoral study
  • Research translation area of interest for the DNP project
  • Describe your career goals

To put this into perspective, you need to;

Maintain relevance

Presenting a case, to your advantage, requires sobriety and this will give help you stick to the agenda at hand. Ensure that you have a plan of what you want to say and don’t go off-topic. A relevant essay is an easy essay to read.

Make a strong case

The university is looking to have the best students they can get, this will go a long way in helping their credibility as well as their standards. This is why you need to show them that you have it in you to be the best student they ever had, make them not want to lose you, show them that you got GRIT… Give them your experiences when practicing, give them all situations that you handle like the pro you are and this will prove your resilience and capabilities.

Mistakes to Avoid when Writing DNP Admission Essay

Finally, what are the most common mistakes that people make that make their DNP essays not good enough?

Don’t overshare

Well, most people will try playing the sympathy or diversity card, and while this might work, It is not advisable to give too much information about your personal being. Resist the urge to give too much detail on areas such as illnesses, disabilities and injuries as these will take you away from the main agenda.

Don’t repeat your academic and extra-curricular accomplishments

When submitting your admission essay, you will be required to attach copies of your documents and this will show all that you have accomplished. To keep your essay brief, relevant and to the point do not dwell on such achievements as they are already well represented.

Don’t hold back

Putting your best foot forward does not necessarily mean that you live in an imaginary world, while most people want to give an illusion of a picture-perfect individual, also give a snippet of how things didn’t go your way, BUT, say the lessons learnt. After all, we all are human and are prone to mistakes.

Getting a slot in your dream institution now seems more achievable than it was ten minutes ago. However, this is just a snippet of how you can give your essay a fighting chance. To give your essay a winning chance, your best bet would be getting DNP admission essay help from our DNP admission essay writing services. After all, you deserve to get the best out of everything.  

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