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The corporate world is the largest sector and is the backbone of global economic growth. However, to thrive, you will need to be well rooted and have adequate capital resources. This is where corporate finance comes into play.

How Do You Explain Corporate Finance?

There are four main areas in finance that include corporate finance, investments, financial institutions and market and international finance. Therefore, we can say corporate finance is a sub-branch of finance that studies how business entities fund their operations in order to maximize profit and minimize costs. Corporate finance can further be divided into three subsections that include: capital budgeting, capital structure and working capital management.

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In a lay man language corporate finance plays a significant role in controlling and coordination of various functions of a business entity. In this case, corporate finance decisions include: investment decision, how to pay for investments, how to source for capital and whether and how to pay investors dividend.

As a corporate finance student, this is a major part of your academic curriculum and acing in this will boost you more than you even realize. Corporate finance is, however, a broad subject and there is more to it than meets the eyes. Tag along and explore a couple of these dimensions of corporate finance as I tell you how to get expert corporate finance assignment help and ace it like a boss.

Why is Corporate Finance Important to Business Entities?

When it comes to companies, the major pillar that holds everything together is funding and finance and the corporate game is a game of numbers. Therefore you need to understand that every financial decision is not taken lightly and this explains why the finance department in a company has to go through a couple of procedures before approval of certain allocations of funds. Corporate finance is concerned with the planning and controlling of the firm’s finances and has been often been referred to as financial management.

There are complex calculations that need to be done to determine whether a company should take equity or debt financing. As a corporate finance student you need corporate finance assignment help to assist you understand this complex corporate finance calculations.

The management bit of it brings on board the management functions of planning, controlling, organizing and directing but in the financial domain in sourcing, procurement and appropriation of funds. Now that we have laid the grounds, here are a couple of corporate finance functions.

Determining the Cost-Benefit Relationship

Corporate financing decisions, fall in the domain of high ranking management and directors. In this regard, they are always looking out for the best of the company and whenever an investment is to be made, they have to make it consciously. In regard to this, they will need to get all the facts straight and will mean looking at both sides of the coin and understanding the pros and the cons of the investment.

The cost-benefit relationship is a must-ask question and this will act as a guide to the company on whether it really needs the service or product or it can do without it. Given that financing of the company comes from many sources, amongst them shareholders, then being accountable for the spending of the capital investment is a thing of concern. After all, it is in the best interest of the company that the management maximumly increase the value of the shareholders.

Guides to Financial Decisions

The financial decisions of a company, are well thought out business decisions that are in line with the company’s objectives and are of benefit to the company. So as to make these kinds of decisions, the company has to take into consideration both internal and external factors as they all pull their weight on growth, development and expansion.

Financial decisions can be both progressive and regressive, depending on the circumstances and despite the fact that some decisions are hard to make, they are necessary. It is well within the domain of corporate finance to guide financial decisions in the best interest of the company.

Capital budgeting decisions- purchase of long term assets

Capital budgeting is also referred as investment decision related to long-term assets. Before a corporation invests in new machinery; expands product lines; or replaces old machinery for a new one, finance managers must ascertain that the investment proposal provides the best return compared to other options.

In corporate finance, you will be required to perform various complex calculations in order to make value enhancing decisions. for instance capital budgeting assignments will require a student to understand how to value assets, identifying a good investment and decision criteria when choosing projects that enhance value for shareholders. There are various capital budgeting tools that our corporate finance assignment help experts use to make capital budgeting decisions that include internal rate of return, net present value, profitability index, accounting rate of return (ARR) and payback period.

Maximizing the Value of the Company

The question of investment decision in a company is always a question of expansion. investments are made with the objective of growth and expansion but wrong investments will give the exact opposite result. So as to maximize the value of the company, you will have to get a good hold of the market and make sure that your investments are paying off.

Quality assurance has often been termed as one of the major factors that contribute to an increase in the value of a company and while that is true, it is attributed to by a good understanding of the market and high customer retention ability. Maximization of the value of the company will mean that you need good investments.

Dividend policy- payment of dividends

At the end of every financial period, a company will need to reconcile its books of accounts and will determine what they have achieved financially as at the end of the year. Financial statements produced will give the financial position of the company and the same information is usually communicated to the shareholders.

Payment of dividends and interest is one of the benefits that shareholders stand to enjoy from their investment. However, sharing out all the interest to shareholders is not always the best course of action and at times, a decision is made to put the profits for the year into the company reserve for additional financing. This is well into the area of corporate financing as it gets to advise on this. Corporate finance assignments require you to understand various dividend policies affect the share price of a company and investments decisions. Our corporate finance assignment help experts are conversant with calculations to determine dividend payouts and retained earnings.

Capital Structure decisions- sources of capital

When it comes to financing, you will realize that financing options are quite widespread and while most of them are long term some are short term. Any good financial manager will tell you that the less you borrow, the better it is for the company as it shows the ability of the company to finance itself. However here are a couple of sources of a company’s capital highlighted under corporate finance

  • Retained earnings
  • Equity capital
  • Debt capital

Corporate finance decisions are divided into long-term and short term decisions. When companies are making capital investment decisions they need to finance projects appropriately. A finance manager should evaluate the most appropriate finance decision that maximizes shareholder returns and enhances firms value, in so doing determine whether to finance projects with equity, debt or mezzanine financing. Our corporate finance assignment help experts are at your service to assist you with assignments on capital structure. We will assist you perform complex calculations such as expected rate of return (ERR), weighted average cost of capital (WACC) etc.

Important Financial Documents

Financial documents are the backbone of finance as they help collect, organize and interpret information from transactions carried out by the company at any time. These statements are extremely vital and they draw the interest of a couple of players including and not limited to

  • The Management
  • Financial institutions
  • The government
  • Investors

This kind of information comes in handy in planning for the future of the company and these documents are a must-have in any organization

Income statement: Any organization that makes any transactions need to account for them and this is where an income statement comes in. An income statement is also referred to as a profit and loss account. It is used to account for the total income for the period and the total expenditure for the same period and from the two, show the profit or loss made by the company.

Cash-flow statement: Cash flow statements, as the name suggests are used to keep track of cash transactions within the company and will indicate expenditure and cash as at the end for proper accounting.

Statement of shareholders equity: These financial documents are however dependent on other source documents to fed them information for analysis. From these sources, you are in apposition to make inferences.

Important Topics our Corporate Finance Assignment Help Service Covers:

You may be wondering which corporate finance topics do we handle? Our corporate finance assignment help offers assistance in homework assignment for virtually any corporate finance topic. Our finance assignment writers hold both theoretical and practical experience in finance having worked in consulting and academia. We have handled the following corporate finance topics in the past.

  • Capital structure and cost of capital
  • Financial accounting
  • Investment banking
  • Corporate tax
  • Corporate governance
  • Financial analysis
  • Stock market
  • Risk analysis
  • Stock valuation
  • Financial market
  • Capital budgeting
  • Cost of capital and valuation
  • Financial management
  • Financial planning model
  • Theoretical Corporate Finance
  • Capital Structure Decisions
  • Bankruptcy and Corporate Restructuring
  • Merger and acquisitions
  • Dividend policy and share repurchases
  • Initial Public Offerings
  • Private Equity and Venture Capital
  • Behavioral Corporate Finance

Why you need Corporate Finance Assignment Help from Expert Financial Analysts

As a student of economics and finance, you will be required to undertake such an assignment, but assignments are not the favorite part of any students life. They come with so much that needs to be done and at the same time if not done properly will be a waste of time and resources as you will flank. So what problems are students faced with when tackling their paper and are there any way to save you all that trouble. Well, tag along and you will find out


Assignments and research come hand in hand and most times, it calls for intensive research and comparison of research materials plus a unique perspective t voice your option. The 21st century has seen information being made available on a large scale and the internet holds nothing back. However, what do you take and what do you leave? Another very important question is even where do you look? The internet, as a source of information, works both for and against many scholars as it contains both verified information and speculated information. It takes a knowledgeable individual to spot out the difference.

On the other hand, not all information that you get is relevant to your assignment. Irrelevant information could take you way off-course and there is no going back at that point.

Lack of experience

As a student, most of your time in school that you spend studying will entail a revision of your coursework and nothing beyond that and if we are to be totally honest it is less than half the time that you spend in school. Students are hereby left with little to no knowledge of what is required of them. Having not interacted with such make it even harder. You could blame it on the education system that will require you to sit for one paper to prove that you understood your whole semester but hey, I’ll not digress.

Limited time

As a student, when it comes to assignments, dissertation papers and school projects, there is just never enough time. Most students, have found themselves in this exact situation with looming deadlines and yet nothing to show for the time they have had to undertake their school work. Well, this is quite understandable if you ask me, school projects are never fun and this is not an exception. However, it has to be done and done well, for you to ace your finals.

The time factor in your project is quite important as it gives you the leeway that you need to organize and plan out your work. The research bit is quite strenuous and tedious to mention the least but do not be surprised to find yourself perambulating in the same zone over and over again with nothing adding up.

However, all hope is not lost on you. Good news at last!!! right?

In this age and time, learning has been made easier and the wake of 2020 has seen things turn for the worst on a global scale with people from different sectors being forced to work from home and the popularity of online platforms hitting an all-time high. The academic sector was not left out as well. Online classes and lectures have become the norm, but an essential service that has been running for quite some time now in the academic sector has gotten quite popular with students now getting assignment help from expert writing services. So what are expert writing services and most importantly why are they a MUST go-to service in your academic endeavour. Let me enlighten you.

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Quality writing

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So what is a quality corporate finance assignment? and what are the guidelines to determining the quality of a paper, well, there is.

First and foremost, when receiving your assignment, your lecturer will give you a list of requirements and guidelines that he/she will need you to follow. Your paper, after being handed in will be held against these guidelines and if it meets all the guidelines then you, my friend, are through the first test and your lecturer can proceed to grade. The most frequent guidelines will be on the topics to be explored, critical thing, formatting and any other areas of interest

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A failed deadline is a bad sign as a student and it could cost you your semester. However here, you have a team of corporate finance assignment writers who work around the clock to ensure that you hand in your paper on time. By fully understanding what is required for that assignment, they are able to break it down depending on the timeline given and hitting deadlines without compromising on quality is a strong suit of expert writers. The thing is, there are some writers who over-promise on delivering quality content on time and under-deliver, but with a proven track record, you can bank on our corporate finance assignment service to deliver.

Having your paper on time does not necessarily mean having it on the final day. On the contrary, we believe that you, as the student, should have some time as well with the paper before handing it in, to familiarize yourself and also gives plenty of time for final minute touches and editing. Customer opinion is highly appreciated and is accommodated as well. As the client, it is important that the assignment is tailored to suit you appropriately and your ideas could come in handy for authenticity purposes.

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With all this in mind, you are now in a much better position as you have a starting point and more than enough reasons to be at the top of your game. Corporate finance in itself is quite broad and this means that its coverage as well is vast and need a deep level of understanding to effectively articulate all that t entails. Corporate finance assignment help is the way to go and who said you have to walk alone. Get expert writing help today and get quality, affordable and reliable corporate finance help for students that will get you closer to the graduation podium.

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