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Are you a student in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar or UAE pursuing CIPD qualification ? I know you know that CIPD syllabus was revised and new units introduced. The CIPD has reinvented its globally renowned HR and L&D qualifications to include new areas such as well being.

These new certifications are based on the new CIPD Profession Map, a framework they use to identify the competencies required of professionals in the HR and L&D sectors.

The new CIPD professional map, which was updated in November 2022 includes well being, employee experience, working inclusively and equality, diversity and inclusion.

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How is the New CIPD Syllabus Qualifications Different from the Old Syllabus?

Regarding the number of units that must be finished to earn a Certificate or Diploma, the structure is very similar to how it was in the past. The primary variations are;

  • The first two key units of the Advanced Level Diploma (Level 7) will switch from being exam-based to being a period evaluation. Exams are obsolete. You do not need to take any in-person exams for the new CIPD qualifications because they are evaluated through assignments, even at Level 7. This means that the CIPD will distribute the assessment for the unit to all students at the same time. Students will then have a certain amount of time to submit their work for evaluation. This will be a huge relief for students who had previously put off studying Level 7 because they didn’t want to take exams! is here to offer you expert CIPD Level 7 assignment help at affordable cost.
  • The focus of the new qualifications is on the fundamental function of the people profession, and their breadth has been increased to include a more modern working style.
  • There are now five qualifications available. The range of qualifications has been condensed, which makes it much simpler to select the one that best suits your objectives. You can now pick from these five options:
  • Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Strategic Learning and Development-  for advanced L&D qualifications.
  • Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Strategic People Management-  for advanced HR qualifications.
  • Level 5 Associate Diploma in Organizational Learning and Development-  for intermediate L&D qualifications.
  • Level 5 Associate Diploma in People Management: for intermediate HR qualifications
  • Level 3 Foundation Certificate in People Practice: for entry-level HR and L&D qualifications.

A new CIPD membership grade is included in the latest Syllabus. Your level of membership is now directly related to the qualification you complete. Students who successfully complete the foundation certificate will now be awarded the new CIPD Foundation Membership grade. Those who meet associate and advanced qualifications will continue to receive associate membership, with advanced students eligible to upgrade to chartered membership.

Need Experts to Write My CIPD Assignment in UAE & GCC Regions

The Chartered Institute of Personnel Development or commonly referred as CIPD is the professional standard qualification for individuals looking to work as training specialists and people practice professionals. The qualification is offered at three levels that include the foundation level, diploma level and advanced diploma level. The foundation level is for the newcomers with little to no experience or skill in the people management field.  CIPD Intermediate level is akin to undergraduate standards. At this level a student develops skills and experience in people management practices. Lastly, the advanced level is the final and postgraduate standard of CIPD. It is suitable for individuals who make strategic people management decisions and experienced practitioners.

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  1. Principles of analytics
  2. Core behaviours for people professionals
  3. Essentials of people practice
  4. Talent management and workforce planning
  5. Organisational performance and culture in practice
  6. Evidence based practice
  7. Reward for performance and contribution
  8. Advanced employment law in practice
  9. Managing people in an international context
  10. Learning and development practice

Reasons UAE and GCC HR professionals seek our CIPD Assignment Help

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Saudi Arabia and UAE regions are diversifying their economies from oil based economy to smart cities. This will attract top corporate such as leading banks and insurance companies setting base in the region. Such companies will require top talents in HR to manage their employees and enhance productivity. CIPD as a hallmark of professional qualification in people management and learning and development will be a requisite to secure people management role in these companies.

Therefore, it is no surprise that most students are willing to spend lots of money to be certified. Our professional CIPD assignment help services will surely help fast track attainment of the standard. Being a specialist qualification, the institute requires students to answer questions in a formal style and provide real life solutions as it happens in a real organization.

CIPD assignments are designed to evaluate a student’s ability to read, comprehend, evaluate and present coherent argument around people practice or learning and development topics. In so doing, a student is required to cite or refer to scholarly articles, journals or text to support or disapprove what other researchers are suggesting. Our CIPD coursework help is tailored to ensure conformity with institute writing guidelines. Our CIPD assignment writers make a connection between theory and best practices in people practice.

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Understanding CIPD modules

If you are interested in advancing your career in HR or L&D, CIPD is the perfect fit for you. You will not only improve your skills and knowledge in your career but will also help attain a higher salary than your fellow employees in your department.

In this post, our CIPD assignment writers will breakdown CIPD modules for you to understand which qualification is best for you. Read through and understand the modules before you settle for the Level you wish to pursue. Below is a rundown of the different CIPD levels and their respective module:

What is CIPD?

CIPD is an acronym for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, which is an independent organization that aims to enhance and improve the working life for those in employment in HR and L&D departments.

Having been launched over a century ago, the CIPD is a non-profit entity and incorporated under a Royal Charter. The organization offers a range of qualifications, which are industry standard for HR and purpose to promote world-class employee management practices.

What Levels are there in CIPD?

The CIPD has three distinctive qualification levels for people to suit individuals at different levels in their careers. CIPD Levels include Level 3, Level 5, and Level 7. Level 7 is equivalent to a postgraduate degree and leads one to become a Chartered Member.

Why Should You Pursue a CIPD Qualification?

The credentials offered by the CIPD are the accepted professional standard for HR and training specialists employed in the UK or GCC’s public, private, and nonprofit sectors. The primary professional organization that accredits and grants professional people practice qualifications is the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD). The credentials offered by the CIPD are the accepted industry benchmark for HR and training specialists employed in public, private, nonprofit, and other sectors of the UK or GCC, as well as other countries around the globe.

The main advantage of earning a CIPD qualification is that many different industries respect it. All industries have HR and L&D departments, so those with CIPD credentials are not at all constrained to one field.

Second, those pursuing a CIPD qualification will learn about business principles beginning with the foundational stages. This implies that they can make a contribution to programs and plans that enhance businesses from the start of their careers.

Finally, CIPD courses can be very flexible, allowing students to typically balance work and study. All candidates have access to a learning portal where they can directly address questions to practitioners and other CIPD members. This is a great networking tool as well.

Foundation Certificate in People Practice CIPD Level 3 New Syllabus

cipd level 3 assignment help

This CIPD Certificate in People Practice Level 3 training course is a great place to begin your journey if you’re looking to start a career in HR or are thinking about a career change into a people-focused role.

You will have the duty to see to it that your staff is encouraged and well-treated in your capacity as a people professional. Your primary responsibilities will be to ensure that your team is managed well and has a well-defined development plan in place to improve their skills.

What has changed in the new CIPD Level 3 curriculum

The six different CIPD level 3 qualifications are now combined into a single qualification that covers both HR and L&D. The learner is exposed to a broad range of pertinent knowledge and expertise in people practice through this qualification. It is appropriate for people who:

  • Hope to acquire the specialized knowledge, abilities, and comprehension needed to work with people professionally
  • Are pursuing a career in people practice through study, aspiration, or entry
  • Wish to advance their knowledge and provide immediate and short-term value for their organization while serving in a people practice support role.

Key features in the new CIPD Level 3 Qualification

  • A single qualification in certificate form
  • Final Foundation Membership result
  • A thorough grounding in people practice (incorporates HR and L&D).

Entry requirements

You can enroll in this CIPD Level 3 Foundation course without having to meet any formal entry requirements. It’s ideal if you’re just starting out in your HR or L&D career and want to learn the knowledge and abilities required to succeed in the people field.

You should have a grade of C or higher—or the equivalent—if English is your second language.

Course content for CIPD Level 3 Foundation course

  • Business, culture, and change in relation to one another
  • Essentials of people practice
  • Core human resources professional behaviours
  • Principles of analytics.

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Jobs like HR Administrator or Assistant, Employee Relations Officer, Recruitment Coordinator, Organizational Development Officer, Learning Administrator, Reward or Benefits Administrator, and Talent Co-ordinator would be appropriate after earning your CIPD Level 3 Certificate in People Practice.

CIPD Level 5 Associate Diploma in People Management  under the New Syllabus

cipd level 5 assignment help KSA

The CIPD Level 5 Associate Diploma in People Management is a professional qualification awarded by the CIPD. This has been created in collaboration with a diverse group of experts at the forefront of the profession. It establishes the international standard for the people profession and provides a solid foundation to give people professionals the confidence and capabilities to guide their decision-making, actions, and behaviours.

There are now only two diploma-sized qualifications left, one in leadership & development and one in people management, as opposed to the previous 7 separate qualifications. This certification broadens and encourages a deeper level of comprehension and application while advancing learners’ expertise in people practice. It is appropriate for people who:

  • Are engaged in people management work and want to share their knowledge with the organization to help it develop its values
  • Are pursuing a position as a people manager or currently hold one.

It is made up of three core units, three specialist units, and one optional unit that are all aligned with the following fundamental skills and attitudes;

  • Performance of the organization and its culture in action
  • Professional conduct and respect for others
  • Evidence-based practice.

Key Features of new CIPD Level 5 Diploma in people management

  • Each consists of a common core, a block of specialist units in either people management or leadership and development, and a third specialist unit that students can choose from a range of options.
  • Two diploma-sized credentials
  • Associate Membership outcome

Entry requirements

To advance to this course, it is preferred that applicants have already finished a level 3 CIPD qualification. Candidates may be accepted onto this course even if they still need to complete the Level 3 qualification as long as they can demonstrate that they have at least two years of relevant work experience (HR/People Practice) and, ideally, a degree-level qualification.

Due to the nature of this course, it is ideal for applicants to have earned a GCSE English Language qualification at grade 4 (C equivalent) or higher. For registration on the CIPD qualification, prospective students whose first language is not English must exhibit a high level of both spoken and written English. Otherwise, candidates with significant HR/People experience but without the necessary academic credentials will still be taken into consideration.

Course content for CIPD Level 5 Diploma in people management

  • Organisational performance and culture in practice
  • Evidence based practice
  • Professional behaviours and valuing people
  • Employment relationship management
  • Talent management and workforce planning
  • Reward for performance and contribution

Additionally, you’ll be required get to pick one optional unit from the following list:

  • Specialist employment law
  • Advances in digital learning and development
  • People management in an international context
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Leadership management development
  • Well-being at work

Level 5 Associate Diploma in Organizational L&D under the New Syllabus

Ideal if you enjoy assisting colleagues in becoming their best selves. Basically, you’ll be able to:

  • Become more knowledgeable about performance-focused learning, social and self-directed learning, and L&D design
  • Hone your L&D expertise while enhancing your current knowledge
  • Be prepared to advance into a more senior position.

Core Knowledge and Behaviours you may acquire;

  • Organizational effectiveness and culture in action
  • Positivity and respect for others’ opinions
  • Evidence-based practice.

Course content for CIPD Level 5 Diploma in organisational learning and development

  • Organisational performance and culture in practice
  • Evidence based practice
  • Professional behaviours and valuing people
  • Supporting self-directed and social learning
  • Learning and development design to create value
  • Facilitate personalised and performance-focussed learning

Additionally, you’ll be required get to pick one optional unit from the following list:

  • Leadership and management development
  • Advances in digital learning and development
  • People management in an international context
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Well-being at work
  • Specialist employment law

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CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Strategic People Management: New Syllabus

cipd assignment help for qatar students

It now only requires two advanced diploma-sized qualifications, one in leadership & development and one in people management, instead of the previous four separate qualifications. This certification gives students a clear understanding at a deep level that enables them to advance their expertise and support a move into strategic people management roles. It is appropriate for people who:

  • Are employed in a senior people practice position and want to hone and broaden their knowledge and abilities to influence strategy, policy, and people
  • Wish to mould people into value-creators for a broad audience.
  • Are people management professionals with experience.

Key qualification features

  • Each qualification consists of a common core, a block of specialist units in leadership and development or people management, and an additional specialist unit that students can choose from a menu of choices.
  • Two advanced diploma-level credentials.
  • Consists of Results of Associate Membership. Candidates with the necessary professional experience can apply to upgrade to Chartered Member or Chartered Fellow following successful completion.

Entry requirements

It would be ideal if you already had a degree-level or CIPD qualification. It would be enough to have relevant experience in a managerial position in people management, learning, and development, or in business management, developing and delivering learning strategies.

Course content for CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Strategic People Management

It covers four core units and three specialist units:

  • Work and working lives in a changing business environment
  • People management and development strategies for performance
  • Personal effectiveness, ethics and business acumen
  • Business research in people practice
  • Strategic employment relations
  • Resourcing and talent management to sustain success
  • Strategic reward management

Students are required to pick one optional unit from the following list:

  • Advanced employment law in practice
  • Learning and development in practice
  • Technology enhanced learning
  • Advanced diversity and inclusion
  • Managing people in an international context

CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Strategic L&D: New Syllabus

Ideal if you want to advance into senior roles and have experience in L&D while also improving your business skills. It will help you:

  • Improve your independence and judgment so you can oversee the L&D strategy for your organization.
  • Improve your independence and judgment so you can oversee the L&D strategy for your organization.

After earning the advanced diploma, candidates should be qualified for positions such as director of employee experience, learning design lead, and head of organizational development.

Course content for CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Strategic Learning & Development

The advanced diploma covers a range of advanced L&D topics that include:

  • Work and working lives in a changing business environment
  • Business research in people practice
  • People management and development strategies for performance
  • Personal effectiveness, ethics and business acumen
  • Organisational design and development
  • Leadership and management development in context
  • Designing learning to improve performance

Students get to pick one optional module from the following list:

  • Technology-enhanced learning
  • Advanced diversity and inclusion
  • Well-being at work
  • Advanced employment law in practice
  • Managing people in an international context
  • Learning and development practice

What does this New CIPD Syllabus Creation Mean for you?

Every qualification that bears the CIPD seal of approval is up-to-date, applicable, and carries the stamp of the organization. There’s no need to wait because any CIPD qualification you earn will strengthen and demonstrate your abilities as a learning administrator or people professional.

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 If you’re pursuing a CIPD qualification right now, you’ll already possess one of your industry’s most prestigious and valuable credentials. The new qualifications will not impact the results of your current studies.

Consider your own criteria when choosing which CIPD qualifications to pursue if you’re thinking about studying for one.

5 Important Tips to Keep You Going

The following advice will be helpful to you as you work toward your CIPD qualification, especially if you’re studying while working.

  1. Utilize all the tools you have at your disposal, including electronic tools, peers, and tutors.
  2. To make the most of your time, strategically plan how you can balance your studies with your day job.
  3. Keep your managers and coworkers informed of your progress by communicating with them frequently.
  4. When the workload seems excessive, consider why you chose to enroll and visualize yourself receiving your diploma. You can even seek CIPD assignment writing help to ace through tough assignments
  5. Even though juggling work and school can be challenging, it can also be very rewarding on both a personal and professional level.

12 Tips on How To Write CIPD Assignment Done

The assignments are essential to receiving a CIPD certification in HR or L&D. You can excel in the ideal CIPD assignment by adhering to the tips provided below.

  • Have a plan

Every CIPD assignment has a due date, so plan to submit it by that time to avoid the penalties associated with a late submission. Break down the time you have available once you receive your CIPD assignment, then planplan how to approach it. To avoid inconveniences caused by failing to finish your CIPD assignment before the deadline, stick to the plan strictly.

  • Study the assignment carefully

Reading the CIPD assignment thoroughly and comprehending the required responses are essential before beginning to write. Take the time to become comfortable with the assignment questions, your course notes, and any other materials pertinent to answering the assignment questions, even though your teacher will give you a full briefing on the main topics.

  • Practice to avoid panicking

 Write as best as you can with the little you do understand. The more you write, the more effective it will meet your goals. Your brain automatically do it to focus on anything else. It is challenging or complex. But it gets simpler once you start practicing it.

  • Pick a calm and quiet place

Now that you have a strategy for completing your CIPD project, the next step is to locate a calm environment in which to write. You should avoid writing your project in an environment with lots of distractions, such as one with TV, music, a phone that is constantly beeping with notifications, or sounds from the outside world. You may focus entirely on completing your CIPD work when there are no outside influences.

  • Accentuate your academic advancement

Comparatively speaking, academic writing has a distinct writing style. They have critical thinking skills for developing previously created ideas and are formal. The most acceptable sources are those that have been subjected to peer review. Other sources, such as blogs, are not cited. This requires you to start reading lots of journals. Although it could be exhausting, the sources for the information would be listed.

  • Always take quick notes

Make some quick notes against each question or section before you start writing your CIPD assignment. Doing this will ensure that every important topic is addressed and that everything complies with the assignment’s criteria. You may put yourself in a better position to prepare a fantastic CIPD assignment by reading your course notes, rereading your assignment requirements, and making some rough notes.

  • Complete the assignment in its entirety

Ensure you have addressed each section before writing your CIPD project. If not, you might not receive all of the module’s scores. Otherwise, it will have an impact on your final grade. As a result, be sure to examine each section to ensure that it is correctly prepared in accordance with the canon. To ensure that each section is addressed, think about utilizing subheadings. Make sure that each response responds to the inquiries made. Make sure the transitions between paragraphs are seamless. Avoid using colloquial language in academic work, and keep the tone as intellectual as possible.

  • Edit and review your assignment

After you’ve finished writing your CIPD project, take a break from it before you begin revising and proofreading. You’ll be able to identify even the most minor errors in the work because your thinking will be clear. Verify the format to make sure it is the proper one. Check for all grammatical and spelling errors and make the necessary corrections. Make sure the writing is clear and coherent across the entire document.

  • Establish a network of mates

To connect and encourage one another when completing their CIPD assignments, most students frequently form support networks with their peers. Even if you must compose your CIPD assignment, you can want to highlight relevant points and important topics. The notion that your pals and classmates are completing a similar CIPD assignment is also energizing.

  • Adhere to the word limit

On the template you will be given, each of your tasks has a word count that is prominently noted. Although there may be a temptation to do more than is truly necessary, you are only permitted to move 10% of the total word count in each direction. Your CIPD qualification covers a wide range of topics, thus, it is pretty simple to strive to be excessively ambitious. As there is a limit to how much you can write, it’s crucial to focus on what is essential for the report. Avoid getting off track or attempting to incorporate too much. Simply answer the exact questions asked by the assignment’s criteria.

  • Reference your assignment appropriately

Some supporting research must support your CIPD assignment to pass. References demonstrate that you have done additional reading and study on the issues covered in the assignment. Therefore, make sure any sources you utilize are listed in the reference list at the end of your CIPD assignment. The assignment text must also include it, especially in the places where it is used.

All CIPD assignments must have references formatted in Harvard referencing style.

  • Avoid plagiarism

As was already noted, you must take great care to use references solely to support your own findings. You may use one or two direct quotations, but keep them to no more than two sentences each. You must make it apparent that the piece is a quotation and give due credit to the author, as shown in the examples above. Keep in mind that we are interested in your perspective on the subject you are writing about, not someone else’s.

How Do You Conduct Research for Your CIPD Assignments?

Use CIPD factsheets and core textbooks as a starting point for CIPD levels 3, 5, and 7. It is critical that you purchase the suggested core material because it has been written to assist with the assessment’s content areas.

The CIPD factsheets and the core textbooks both give a summary of the key theories and, more crucially, direct you to other reliable and trustworthy sources as well as providing a list of references at the end. You can give a deeper examination of the accessible sources thanks to the links (inside the factsheets) and the list of references at the end of the factsheets and textbooks.

Also, many of these sources are available in reputable search engines for CIPD levels 5 and 7. When conducting a general google search, avoid simply typing in the specifics of what you want to learn. Consider using reputable academic search engines. For instance, Google offers Google Scholar, a search engine for scholarly literature that includes journals and includes helpful instructions on how to utilize citations and do effective research.

Considering that Wikipedia is an open website where anybody may add, we strongly advise against using it as a source. How can we say that the research is coming from legitimate and trustworthy sources if we don’t know anything about them?  However, Wikipedia is useful for background reading on the subject (together with other sources). Wikipedia does acknowledge sources inside the text and gives information in their list of references at the end, both of which are crucially important. You can identify other study sources by looking up the authors of these citations and references.

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