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Difference Between CIPD Level 5 Certificate & Diploma

The professional spectrum has often been faced with the challenge of having to decide between candidates during the hiring process. Despite all the stringent measures that help eliminate candidates, it is yet not enough. One of the major considerations when considering job competence before placement is academic and professional compatibility. This will explain why most academic institutions will strive to be certified and at the very least be credible, for the sake of their students.

Truth be told, the ground is never even given that people come from all different walks of life and have had different experiences and backgrounds, which is why you will always want to be the candidate with an edge over the others. The question of preference between two almost similar concepts lies with the information at hand which is why I am going to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision on what really is the difference between CIPD level 5 certificate and diploma.

What is CIPD?

First things first, what is CIPD ? CIPD is the Profesional body that is responsible for awarding professional human resource qualifications. The human resource office is one of the most competitive yet prestigious offices in any organization. The tasks that are entrusted with the human resource officer go beyond concept and need professionalism to keep things at a balance in the organization. All these you can get to learn from CIPD . One very important aspect that you need to remember is that for you to enroll for CIPD level 5, you will have to have some previous experience in the field given that it is an undergraduate course. Here are a couple of differences between them both.

CIPD Level 5 Certificate Vs Diploma

Time consumed

Quite often we find ourselves with a tight schedule but still have some goals that need to be achieved. However, how do we manage to hit two bird with one stone? Given how competitive and rapidly evolving the human resource field is then it only natural that you want to add on to your knowledge. Presented with both the diploma and certificate option, you will realize that the diploma option allows you to get it done within a shorter time span than in the certificate.

Training approach

CIPD Level 5 certificate has quite a different approach when compared to the diploma option. While the diploma allows you to focus on specific aspects of human resource other than the basic essentials that are offered in certificate. On top of being equipped with information about human resources, you will also take a holistic approach to leadership and management as well.

This is quite essential given that among the many functions of a human resource officer, one of the major one lies in management. Many might actually argue that it is actually the major role. You also need to know how to address certain organisational behaviours and how to keep employees morale up so as to achieve set targets by the organization.

Being a good human resource manager is not about wielding the power to hire and fire but rather in maintaining good workplace harmony, employee motivation and an active and conducive channel between employees and the management. Trust is of the essence as well.


The world has taken incredible strides towards its growth and this has had an adverse effect on all sectors of life as we know it and this means that we have to have modern solutions for modern problems. Well, this has been effectively accounted for in CIPD diploma.

Apart from using hypothetical situations in academic coverage, they embed current problems in various sectors which sheds a different light altogether in learning given that it holds a high level of practicability. For instance, currently, the world is being faced by a global pandemic that has seen the very pillars of both civilization and economies tested. By taking different challenges in different companies, it helps students apply what they know of the same and weigh in on issues in relation to information available around.

Running realistic simulations and working with statistics under relatable circumstances is the kind of hands on approach that I believe should also be inculcated in all other fields of learning. What specifically are you expected to learn in CIPD level 5 syllabus.

Resources and talent planning

Human resource is the biggest resource and a very crucial one in any business. Understanding your scope of work and the strength of each of your employees will allow you to effectively manage them and optimize performance through a well-thought-out Workplan and proper allocation

Using information in HR

A human resource officer has the privilege to come across all sorts of information from mainly concerning the employees as this is what they base their decisions on. So how to handle such information? What approaches do you use and what measures are to be put in place? Privacy is also of utmost importance so as to maintain trust

Employment law

The government has a stake in operations and to stay on the safe side of the law, it is paramount that you understand the law. This will spare you a lot of legal tussles as this may not reflect well on you as a person and most importantly on the company. Learn your powers, freedoms and boundaries.

Developing leadership and management skills

A manager is a leader and when learning different theories of leadership, some will argue out that leaders are born while others will say that leaders are made. Whether or not these statements are true will be perfectly complemented by an acute understanding of leadership. This will facilitate in planning, organizing, oversight, staffing and directing.

Developing professional practice

Professionalism has not been stressed enough and work ethics and etiquette have been neglected over time and the effects on organisations are huge. Professionalism is one of the major contributions of quality which is what most clients will be looking for. Given that you are in charge of employees, it is important that you understand proper work ethics so as to know what to instil in them. This will create employee culture which in turn brings positive publicity, which is good for business.

Managing and coordinating human resource functions

Human resource functions stretch past more than just hiring and firing and will cover grounds of organisational behavior, employee relation, work assessment and many more avenues. Competence in the filed will only be achieved by clearly understanding your function and responsibilities. The human resource office is considered an independent office as it leaves room for it to cut across the board when need be. Understanding the functions allocated will only mean workflow.

Reward management

A reward is basically a sort of appreciation for a task well done. However, when do you reward and what merits do you use to know who, when and what to reward. By someone doing their job, you can appreciate them but what happens for the extra mile gone in surpassing targets. This question is highly related to employee morale which should be maintained at an optimum if possible.

International recognition

How big of a deal are these two out there in the international community? Well, for CPD level 5 certificate, you will come in highly ranked in many companies that you consider approaching but won’t really give you as much of an edge as a diploma will.

The truth of the matter is that companies are looking to get value for their money and given that they too are well versed with academic coverage and approaches used, it is only natural that they will be inclined towards CIPD level 5 diploma. The competitive edge presented here is what made me say at the start that most times the ground is not even. However, you Can make things work to your advantage and take the better option. However, all is not lost as certificate option will also get you some options as well but not with the same competitive vibe.

Income boost

It is quite important that whatever you do comes from a point of passion, rather than coercion or circumstantial. However, in spite of the reason why your work, what matters is what you get out of it. I can be sure that at the end of the day a good salary will put a smile on your face and food on your table. For someone in the human resource filed, I would have to assume that you know that salary allocation and increment is on a basis of merit. Promotions as well will come at a price, the question is whether or not you are willing to pay the price.

While certificate level CIPD qualification will get you the job, diploma level qualification will get you a better deal and potentially the corner office that everyone desires.

However, despite having all these differences, these two are quite similar in a way given that they are all aimed at advancing knowledge in the same field. Given that you can hose either the certificate or diploma options in level 5 means that you are not a beginner in the field but rather just advancing.

However, I feel that this segment would not be complete without highlighting just some of the many benefits of undertaking the course.

Benefits of CIPD Qualification


It has often been whispered that your network is your net worth and that without any doubt is considered true.it is all about who you know and who knows you. This is the very foundation upon which the principles of social capital are laid. Given that most classes are online classes, means that you will get to interact with other human resource personnel from all around the globe during classes and interactions. This allows for diversity and a variety of opinions. This easily translates to having a very informed lot.

Networking in this cases might be for the benefit of your respective organisations or even for your personal benefit as you will no longer need an introduction when looking for future partnerships or opportunities.

Career advancement

There are two general classifications of forms of educational advancements that is Profesional and academic courses. These two have quite a huge difference in that they are weighed differently. While academic courses aim to see who performs better than the other, professional courses are aimed at ensuring that a certain threshold id met by the learner hereby approving them for service. This is the case for CIPD as they make sure that they deliver professionals, not nerds.

This is one of the major reasons as to how and why it has gotten global recognition. Once you get your entry position in the human resource office/ department the next step is growth and this can only b achieved by further studies.

Boosts your CV

The first thing that any employer will want to know is what are your qualifications and this is the essence of presenting your papers in. Something that they will never tell you is that there really is something that they are looking for and you might want to be the person that has it.

CIPD give you a fighting chance and an upper hand, which is exactly what you will need. Given that part of what you have studied is about job recruitment and hiring, you should take time and do a self-evaluation on your cv. Would you hire you? definitely yes. Therefore, passing CIPD assignments and getting certified will make you a hot cake in the job market.


Professional bodies do have memberships that are only open to accredited students. These kinds of memberships open them up for all kinds of career opportunities. It also helps to show that you are qualified and this kind of recommendation is exactly the kind of incentive you need to decorate your papers.

Now having shed light on all these areas I do hope that you are now better enlightened and are in a better position to make a more informed decision on what avenue to venture in. Remember that we live in a world of options and it is only wise to take the best option presented. After all, you need to get the best out of everything

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