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Reef-Building Corals

Face Elevated Extinction Risk from Climate Change Introduction Coral reef is a rock structure, comprising of a series of calcareous skeleton of marine organism carriers. The limestone composition of the coral reef is quite resistant to the action of waves and tides, and it is...
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Process of Extracting Crude Oil

Historically, the first commercial quantity of crude oil was discovered in 1956  in Oloibiri, present day Bayelsa state (Omofonmwan and Odia, 2009). Since the first oil production drill site, over 1,500 oil wells have been developed in approximately 160 oil fields. Nearly 7,000 kilometres of...
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The Implementation Deficit in the Niger Delta

Introduction:  Environment and development in the Niger Delta According to a report by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in 2006 (Page 135), “The Niger Delta has an enormously rich natural endowment in the form of land, water, forests and fauna. These assets, however, have...
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Nigerian Oil sector

Different factors contribute to the existing situation of Niger Delta. The literature identifies gaps pertaining to the deficits and implementation of oil related legislation and policies, however limited information exists on the role of institutions that govern and enforce these laws. It is also instructive...
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Nutrition assessment and analysis assignment

For the grains in general, the status was over, whole grains demonstrated the status as under while the refined grains showed the status as over. All the vegetable sub-categories namely dark green, red & orange, beans and peas, starchy and others recorded the status as...
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Mass media reporting on nuclear energy

Alfred, Brusaw and Oliu (2006) indicate that journalism is a profession where journalists are always surrounded by factual information in their ordinary operations. This is mainly due to the fact that most of them report what they are able to see and therefore are undoubtedly...
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