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Equal Treatment

Criminal proceedings that have been recorded since the 18th century indicate that fairness or equity hardly prevails in most criminal justice systems. In some jurisdictions, racial discrimination has remained a major factor that determines court outcomes. However, some changes have taken place with the passage...
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IT governance and decision making in Maitland

The adoption of IT governance by Maitland plays a vital role in ensuring that its business and ICT goals complement each other thus leading to the achievement of business value. High business values that Maitland has attained since it adopted COBIT in 2004 have been...
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Enforcement Laws in Nigerian Oil sector

Edo (2012) observes that enforcing environmental laws should be an elaborate process, which should have enough relevant authorities to monitor compliance. This observation stems from studies that show that the lack of adequate numbers of authorities could undermine compliance standards (Cleaver 2001). Indeed, as Edo...
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Penn State University Scandal

The main reason for choosing this topic is that ethics is ideal for human conduct bearing in mind that the evolution of its principles are given along with the evolutionary process of humanity. It also guides the human beings about what is good and right...
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Workshop Assignment

-What is important about the text’s account of ancient Irish history? What is its purpose? The ancient history of the Irish people has been depicted throughout the text. Through the eyes of the author, the reader is in a position to understand the early beginnings...
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Ethics and corporate social responsibility

Abstract Business ethics take different forms and are applied at all levels and stages of its operation and management. The society expects corporations to adhere to a set of norms and rules for them to sustain their competitive advantages. Simply put corporations are expected to...
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