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Are a student struggling to make ends meet during this tough economic times? The 21st century is one of the most perfect times to be found in. Leave alone all the luxury that comes with it, there is another whole new world, the online world, that has so much potential that you can practically develop a new concept from it every day. At the top of the list of the many benefits that come with the online world, we have online money. This is one of the few fields that you can earn from the comfort of your couch and ace through life. One of the many benefits of this is that it cuts across all ages. You don’t have to shy away from online money simply because you are a student, trust me there is a place for you. Here are a couple of ways students make money online. which you can make money off your computer and pay your school fees or meet your daily expenses at ease.

1. Content creation

The world is full of brilliant people and every day people come up with new ideas and new ways of doing things, but many people will only share this with their friends and families and that is the end of things for them. Trust me when I tell you that the world needs fresh content every day. Creating content for companies and for specific corporations will get you rich in no time. Come up with new concepts and you will realize that policies can be formed around your concept, marketing and sales for any corporation. Is this something you can do as a student? Yesss!! you will enjoy producing content and make crazy bucks while at school.

2. Professional consultation.

The internet has connected the world and made it an online village. You can easily now converse with people who are continents apart and still conduct your business with no hitches at all. Everyone has a field that they feel that they are really good at, but what limits most people is only operating within their locality. The truth is that the world needs your brains and your expertise. Online consultations are at an all-time rise from all over the globe. If you are brilliant at your profession trust me people will travel all around the world to get your services, but before that, there is a way you can still earn online from facetime kind of consultations.

3. Cryptocurrency Trading.

Cryptocurrency is a new concept that is being introduced in the market and truth be told, the people in this will be practically mining coins. This is all about online money and the value attached to it. This is a wide concept that brings about online money and online currency. However, you have to invest in it in terms of research to get through effectively. With the change in trends over the years, it is almost certain that there will be a change in how we transact. There has been a crypto-mining race and it would be best for you not to be left behind.

4. Forex Trading

Foreign exchange has been capitalized and it has some of the highest returns. Foreign exchange trading is a rapidly changing business and the figures around it change almost every other minute. This means that you have to be quick to act. However, you can not sit at the bank and monitor the figures while you can do this in the comfort of your couch. While most foreign exchange markets close on weekends, you can also trade in synthetic indices which operate under the same principles and have the same profit margin. Tech GURUs have actually come up with forex data analysis tools that can help you make predictions and trade in advance. At this point, it feels as though being broke is optional.

So you are a finance or economics major student and still complaining being broke? use the knowledge you have in investments and financial markets to make the elusive dollars from the comfort of your dormitory.

5. Affiliate Marketing

The online platform is quite vast and is not short of products. In most instances, these products are highly competitive and they always appreciate a helping hand as far as making sales is concerned. THAT!!! is where you come in. Affiliate marketing is an opportunity offered by most firms with an online shopping presence. All you need to do is carefully select a range of products that you think are ‘fast going’ a make sure you drive traffic through the content you create or through your page. For every purchase they get, you get a ‘cut’.

Put your digital marketing classes to use and earn crazy bucks with affiliate marketing. There are so many platforms looking for affiliates. Sign up today with Amazon, Rakuten, ClickBank, Commission Junction etc.

6 Data Entry.

Data entry basically involves the transfer of documents in paper formats into computer files in the required formats. Truth be told, as much as we are more technologically endowed than ever before, there is still a paper trail and feeding this into softcopy is a ‘tedious task’ for most individuals. However, it is mostly tedious due to lack of time for most and this is where you swoop in to save the day and make a dollar. These tasks are available on a large scale and have fair pay. All you need is a computer and know-how on different data input systems.

Did you imagine you could make decent living with these killer ways students make money online?

7. E-book

Over the years trips to the library have become less frequent, after all, you could have a personalized library that you could access at your convenience on your phone. E-books have made this a reality and they have become quite popular among intellectual circles as well as with anyone who enjoys a good read. This is one of the areas that you could sell to pretty much anyone with a mobile phone. The beauty about this is that you can sell the same e-book to thousands of people and this places your profit margin quite high. You can also work as a freelance ebook ghostwriter and assist publishers put up their work on ebooks for a fee.

8. Drop-shipping

 What is drop-shipping and what makes it so interesting that it made the cut on this list…well, stick around and let me introduce you to DropShipping. This is where a seller sets up a website and sells products that the seller does not keep in stock. Basically, you advertise products that are not in your possession but goods that you can access whenever an order is placed. The magic to this is that you will not have any redundant stock on your hands and you can use any extra cash to do something else. You are also always assured that whatever purchases you make shall be converted to sales. 

9. Print on Demand

As the name suggests, pay-on-demand pretty would pretty much require you to receive orders from which platform you advertise and then process the orders. Print-on-demand is made possible by the fact that most people have unique designs that they would like imprinted on t-shirts, cups or any other merchandise. This limits the stock that you can process and hold. P-O-D comes in really handy and allows you to always have something to sell, after all, you process your products after you get a client and not the other way around. You could say that POD works hand in hand with dropshipping Pretty convenient, right?

So far you may have already identified a niche that could work for you and that is amazing. However, the thing with online tasks is that some of them are quite seasonal and it could be best if you could have two or three different tasks that you can learn. This ensures that you always have something going for you. On the other hand, you need to evaluate your ability to handle multiple tasks and if you are not so good at it, you could specialize in one task

10. Test Websites and Apps

The online world is full of innovators and individuals creating and modifying their applications. To get a feeling of how the market will respond to their product and to identify whichever weaknesses the app/website has, they often hire people randomly to test out their product and give a review. This can earn you some proper cash. Basically, all that you need is to have a proper internet connection and access to a compatible device with the application and let the magic happen. This is one of those tasks that require almost no skill or expertise. As a student you can make serious cash by testing websites and apps for vendors.

11. Merchandise Resale

The fact that you are here looking for ways to make cash means that you are willing to go the extra mile to make cash and this channel requires you to put some work in to get some cash. First, identify a couple of products that you think could sell widely. Second, you need to get onto popular shopping websites and see how much they are selling the same products. You also need to identify websites that sell the product more cheaply and buy them from one platform and sell on another that sells at a higher price. Alibaba is one of those platforms that sells products cheaply allowing you to make a profit.

10. Social Media Marketing

YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TIKTOK, TWITTER and all other major platforms have changed the marketing game for good. Social media platforms have become such a huge part of our lives and it will be just dumb for any firm to ignore their presence. If you are a content creator and have garnered a huge enough following, well, you get to earn some extra cheddar by promoting and marketing brands and products on your page.

The idea behind this is that your followers trust you and if you were to recommend something to them, they wouldn’t hesitate to buy into it. Think of it as you, capitalizing on your followers. You will be surprised at how much people make out of this.


You are now probably wondering, isn’t YOUTUBE part of social media? Why are we having a repeat of it!!! Well, that’s a good observation but there is more to YOUTUBE than meets the eye. The platform has been around for quite a long time and by default, once you have a Gmail account you get a way into YOUTUBE. Everyone is on the platform, corporate, tech, music, sports, media, religion, historians and petty much anything you can think of. People go on the platform mostly to learn and get entertained. Content creation is a huge niche on YOUTUBE and with quality content, you can be sure to get proper views and followers globally. On top of marketing products, YOUTUBE also allows you to earn through; Ad revenue and YOUTUBE Premium, super chat and super stickers, YOUTUBE shopping, channel memberships, YOUTUBE brand connect, and YOUTUBE shorts fund as well as their super thanks program.

12. Create an Online Course

Since the onset of the pandemic, online courses gained popularity and this is quite a wide niche. Every day people are looking for ways to make money and ways to add value to themselves. In the pursuit of this, and with their busy schedule, people will always opt for an online course that they can take during their free time in the comfort of their homes. Well, if you have perfected your Trade and are willing to 

make some dimes from it, you need to hop on this and create an online course.

The secret to cracking this is creating a course that is aimed at value addition and just sit back and watch the magic of referrals working for you.

13. Online Writing

The online space needs fresh content every day, I should mention that it is quite dynamic. Online writing has become such a game-changer to many. Online writing is divided into two major bits, academic writing and blog/ content creation. Now, having in mind that most students have a side job and the somehow complex nature of their course, they might need an extra hand to handle their assignments. This is a niche that could earn you a couple of thousand bucks by just using your academic knowledge and research. You could sign up with tens of academic writing website available online and work as a freelancer. Alternatively, if you possess advanced data analysis skills you can run consulting services and provide students with SPSS help for students online

The other side of this is content creation for websites and blogging. This is quite accommodative and tends to be more relaxed when compared to academic writing.


Making cash is all about providing solutions to people’s problems and some may even add, making life easier for people will make you money. However, you need to identify a niche that you could do well in and specialize in that. Consistency and reliability are highly appreciated and admirable in business. Give your clients the feeling that they could always count on you for all their needs.

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