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Question: How well have you be en able to answer the questions that you recorded in the W column?

One of the questions listed in the W column is the motivation of students. I managed to answer this question by researching relevant literature on methods of motivating students. For instance, I came to realize that all reading instructions require motivation as a vital learning component. As a matter of fact, I came across a number of studies that link motivation and achievement in any classroom work. Task value and self perceived competence have been vastly discussed in most of the theories that explore motivation in classroom settings. Teachers should have the ability to assess reading motivation for their students. Moreover, learners should be made to understand the importance of acquiring proficient reading skills in any subject that they are undertaking in school. Efficient reading skill is an integral component that enhances adequate comprehension of course contents.

Close reading is also another study area that I gave a lot of attention in the W column. The ability of learners to gain deeper understanding of reading content can be best achieved through close reading of the given materials. Layers are uncovered in the process of close reading. In this section, I also addressed the significance of deliberate reading among students, the available reading methodologies and aligning the reading patterns of students with the text to be read.

The importance of high states testing has also been addressed in the W column. Some of the components discussed in this section include the definition of high stakes testing, differences between the high and low stakes testing, the unique roles of students and educators and the reform agenda required in high stakes testing. The achievement gap among learners has also been sufficiently addressed and found to be closely linked to both the learning and opportunity gaps.

Question: What resources or processes have been most helpful in finding the answers to these questions? Provide examples

I have used a number of literary resources in order to achieve the learning objectives listed in the W column. For example, various sources of literature on elementary reading studies have been used. Examples include the Gambrell, Palmer, Codling and Mazzoni (1996) as well as the McKenna and Kear (1990) articles. Second, the regular experience with my students has been instrumental in understanding the immediate and deeper needs of learners. I have also managed to gather a lot of teaching experience from the teaching background.

Question: What foundational knowledge that you have gained thus far in having the greatest impact on your thinking about literacy learning and teaching?

I have personally gained the skills and competences of enhancing text comprehension among students. The methodologies of implementing such teaching program have also bee acquired. Moreover, various reading comprehension skills and competences have been transferred to learners.

Question: What implications does this have for you and your students?

We have developed close collaboration and also fostered a harmonious relationship. The above impacts have enabled me to understand the weaknesses and strengths of my learners. My students have also demonstrated a lot of eagerness to acquire effective learning skills.

Question: How has the KWL strategy supported in your process of knowledge acquisition?

Knowledge acquisition using the KWL strategy has mainly been witnessed through research activities. I have gained a lot of knowledge by carrying out research work in my area of profession. The strategy has also boosted my inquiry skills.

Question: When would the use of this strategy be appropriate in your literacy classroom?

The most appropriate time to apply the KWL strategy is during the initial reading exercises when learners are being introduced to new contents. The strategy can be used by learners to make inquiries such as “What do I know? What would I like to know? What have I learned?

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