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The article entitled Social Marketing for reduction in alcohol use addresses techniques that can be used by marketers to enable target population to improve their health. Therefore, it regards social marketing as a tool that can be used to foster voluntary and personal behavioral management. According to the article, the latter can be achieved by motivating and persuading the public (Weinreich, 1999). It is imperative to note that the article emphasizes that commercial and social marketing are different and hence have dissimilar roles. In this case, social marketing is concerned with promotion of ideas, services and products. This type of marketing aims at enhancing change in behavior among the target population. Contrastingly, commercial marketing involves promotion of services and products for economic gains (Jack et al., 2005). It is notable that commercial marketers have little concern on the health and behavior of their target audience.

Therefore, it is arguable that social marketing is a crucial tool that should be used in a wider context to reduce unacceptable behaviors such as alcoholism and smoking (Russel, Clapp & Dejong, 2005). From the article, research has revealed that social marketing is applicable in fostering wide range of behavioral patterns in public health. Basically, it also targets every type of population including family members and students (Marshall, Bryant, Keller & Fridinger, 2006). However, as a program, it needs a lot of time to conduct pretest, planning and research (Andreasen & Kotler, 2003). Therefore, it is cumbersome to implement it especially when there is lack adequate time and resources to spend while planning. Nevertheless, it is imperative to note that large social marketing programs have effectively helped to decimate substance abuse while improving behaviors related to nutrition and physical activities (Evans, 2006).

Notably, this article presents a clear and precise argument on how social marketing can be used to enhance change of behavior in public health. Moreover, it derives information from peer reviewed articles and hence credible for use. Therefore, I support and agree with the argument presented in the article. Nevertheless, it does not address the reason why social marketing campaigns fail especially in cases whereby print campaigns are used.

Part two

Social, behavioral and cultural factors are the pre-dispositions that influence population’s health (Iacone et al., 2012). Notably, these factors result into health disparity in a population. It is important to understand that these factors are crucial wen tackling problems related to public health. Research has shown that public health is prone to challenges that have numerous determinants. These determinants can be grouped into social, behavioral and cultural domains (O’Neill, 2010). Notably, it is evident that solving problems related to public health needs a multidisciplinary approach. Therefore, understanding these factors make it easier to identify, evaluate and eradicate such problems. Moreover, it makes it easier to devise policies and programs that boost public health.

Definitely, the most important concept learnt in this course is that of public health. From the assignment, I was able to understand that the concept is a diverse field that covers the social, cultural and behavioral aspects of any given population (Iacone et al., 2012). Moreover, I was able to understand why these aspects are important in addition to how they influence public health in general. One of my major concerns and query on social, behavioral and cultural factors is on how they can be used to establish effective policies and programs in order to eradicate health-related challenges in public (O’Neill, 2010). Moreover, everything that I anticipated to learn was covered in the course. Therefore, my understanding on social, cultural and behavioral factors in public health was greatly enhanced. In this case, I intend to do more research from peer reviewed reference materials in order to understand and increase my knowledge on public health.

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