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Format: Title your paper with the case name. Place the number of each question next to the answer (the number that matches the number from the case). Use 12-pt Times New Roman with 1-inch margins. Single-space with spaces between questions

Organized into the following sections.

  1. Organization Overview: From the information provided, describe what you know about the organization. This might include basic facts about the organization or the type of business.
  2. Organizational History: Learn what you can about the organization’s founding, leadership, changes through the years, etc.
  3. Problem or Opportunity: Discuss the public relations problem or opportunity faced by the organization as well as the critical issues. Make sure to identify the organization at the center of the case as well as any action by another organization (such as one organization being attacked by another).
  4. Timeline: Highlight key events in the case.
  5. Stakeholders: Who is impacted by the actions of organization at the center of this case?
  6. Ethical and Legal Considerations: Answer some of the following ethical questions: Is the action right or wrong? Can someone be harmed by your decision and how? Can you personally live with your decision? Can you justify your decision publicly for good reasons?
  7. Concepts from Text: Relate the case back to the concepts presented in the chapter (Media Relations, Community Relations, etc.).
  8. Key Takeaways for PR students: What do you think the class can learn from this presentation that they could apply in a future PR position?

Next, discuss the Research (if no research is described, you can skip this section)

Planning (Objectives) (if objectives are listed, present those, and if not, what do you think the objectives would be?)

Execution (Programming)(provide details including any accompanying examples from press releases, social media sites, videos, etc. from the campaign)

Evaluation(if evaluation measures are listed, present those, and if not, what do you think the measures would be?)

Then, answer all the questions at the case of the Swann cases. You can skip the Dig Deeper question.


Swann case has been attached in a pdf file. Need read only pages concerning case “Break the Silence”. It ends with questions on page 265

Question #2 – my city & state – Tampa, FL

Question #5 – SKIP

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